Welcome our valuable user. We are the first of it's kind eCommerce platform and mobile app. We strive to provide an unforgettable and pleasant shopping experience to our users. 

Salahef is the first a smart eCommerce platform and mobile app in the MENA region where each user will get her/his tailored shopping shopping experience. 

We strive to give you unbeatable prices in the market through our categories starting from fashion, baby&kids, gadgets, to phone upgrades, makeup&beauty, tops, bottoms, shoes and many other more. 

Bottom line, we are here to give you a mind blowing shopping experience.

Wishing beautiful days full of positiveness and customers satisfaction


Who We Are

We are a Jordanian entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the eCommerce market in the Arabic World. 

Our customers are the most valuable assist we have and we will work nonstop to provide you with an outstanding shopping experience

 Let's start shopping.   

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Enjoy the a new gate to the Arabic Market. 140 million active internet user.